Healing Workshops

Healing Workshop #1 (2 hours )


Awaken healing energy, open acupuncture points on your hands, release blockages and stress.
Cost: $80
Registration required. Space is limited

Healing Workshop #2   (2 hours)

Release blockages from your heart, old emotions, hurt and start to approach your life with an open heart. Re-connect with your heart, expand compassion and love.


Registration required. Space is limited

Healing Workshop #3    ( 2 Hours )

Release blockages and stress and accumulate vital energy in your physical body.
By accumulating the vital energy you improve your health and develop more confidence and courage to manifest your goals.
Registration required

Basic Healing Chakra Workshop (2 Hours - $80) 

Chakra is the Sanskrit word and it means “wheel.” Chakras are centers of awareness in the human body. These energy centers are neither physical nor anatomical. They are found in the subtle energy system, although their radiant energy does correspond to positions within the body.

The chakras influence cells, organs and the entire hormonal system and affects one’s thoughts and feelings. Through the chakras, we take in energy from our surroundings.

They interact with the physical body through endocrine system and nervous system. Healing Chakra Workshop is designed to activate, cleanse, and integrate the individual Chakras, in order to create a harmonious Chakra System.

Registration required. Please call 416-473-3947

Advanced Healing Chakra Workshop (2 hrs - $80)

In this advanced Healing Chakra Workshop you will go deeper into the chakra system and learn how you can balance and heal yourself using various healing methods. Who you really are is energy.

We can call it “Life Energy”. This energy does not just live in your brain it fills your entire body. The chakras are not physical. They are aspects of consciousness. Understand Physical Psychological, Emotional and Spiritual manifestation of chakra blocks.

* Registration Required

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