Holistic Yoga and Meditation classes are focused to improve health, release stress, relax and quiet down the mind.


This gentle style of yoga is  incorporating the use of ki-energy (vital energy) to facilitate the awareness of body, mind and breath.

Our Holistic and relaxing yoga practice combines postures from different styles of Yoga, Chi Gong and other healing techniques to experience total well-being on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

Holistic yoga and meditation classes are suitable for everyone, whatever your age, background, beliefs or level of fitness. Regular practice will help you: stay physically fit, mentally alert, create emotional stability and reconnect you with your inner peace.

We introduce a variation of the poses to prevent beginner students from hurting themselves. The series includes warming up exercises, body tapping, joint rotations, poses, stretching, breathing, relaxation and meditation. These techniques are designed to release blockages, stress and tension and encourage the free flow of energy in the body. When the energy flows freely we are healthy and balanced.

Our classes are taught in a non-competitive environment by instructors who will guide your practice based on your current health status and physical abilities.

About Us

Our studio is a unique place where you can rejuvenate your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body.

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